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Draft EPA rule could impact nearly 50 Indiana coal ash dumps

Leslie Bonilla Muñiz | Published on 6/19/2023


May 23,2023--A draft federal rule would for the first time take on dozens of coal ash landfills and ponds in Indiana, and more elsewhere. (Getty Images)

Draft federal regulations for toxic coal byproducts could cover nearly 50 exempted dumps spread across 14 locations in Indiana.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s rule — released last week — would extend monitoring, closure, and cleanup provisions to certain landfills, ponds and other sites for the first time. “Coal ash,” the catch-all term for particulate matter produced by burning coal, can contain dangerous carcinogens like arsenic, cadmium and mercury.

“This is a really big deal,” said Lisa Evans, senior counsel for nonprofit environmental litigator Earthjustice, in a news release. The proposal arises out of settlement to a lawsuit involving the organization, several Hoosier plaintiffs and others.

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