If you’re interested in being included in specific projects, or would like to help out in specific areas, the contact info for the chairs of each committee are listed below!

Education Committee: Educate Porter County voters on the entire democratic process.
Chair: Patty Slamkowski

  1. Candidate Forum: Organize Candidate Forums.
    1. Chair: Beckie Guffin
  2. Observer Corp:  Obtain information about specific bills/projects being discussed at the local, state, and federal level.
    1. Chair: (Carolyn) CJ Lelek
  3. Voter Education: Educate voters though Speaker Workshops, Vote411, candidate questionnaires, or other means.
    1. Chair: TBD

Membership Committee:  Facilitate new membership, coordinate renewals, and record current membership.
Chair: Julia Perkins

Social Media Committee: Keep all social media organized and updated regularly, including Facebook, website, and MailChimp newsletters.
Chair: TBD

Voter Registration Committee: Facilitate voter registration, confirm eligibility, and prevent removal of voters from the polls.

  1. Community Registration
    1. Chair: Lynda Krueger
  2. School/Youth Registration
    1. Chairs: Maureen Sammons
    2. Carolyn Lester

Bylaw Committee: Ensure bylaws properly represent the LWV of Porter County.

Redistricting Committee:  Encourage the State of Indiana to properly divides districts allowing equal representation.

  • Chair: Jeanne Hayes

Financial Committee:  Confirm the LWV of Porter County remains solvent and financially prosperous.

  1. Fundraising/Advertising: Organizes events to facilitate income
    1. Chair: TBD
  2. Budget:  Organizes the annual budget and makes corrections as necessary
    1. Chair: Carla Banks