SB105 Amendments Fail, Bill moves on

From All In For Democracy:

On Monday afternoon Senator Greg Walker called SB105 down for its 2nd reading.  Democrat Senator Tim Lanane offered an amendment to add language creating a citizens redistricting commission but it failed on a 31-11 vote.  Democrat Senator J.D. Ford offered an amendment that had also been filed by Republican Senator Ron Alting to add criteria forbidding partisan gerrymandering and to provide better public access to the redistricting process – that amendment failed by a 36-13 vote.  Although we are disappointed these positive amendments weren’t added to the bill, it’s important to note that we did get some Republican support for the Democrat amendments – which is a victory in and of itself.  
If you are represented by Senators Alting, Becker, Bohacek, Jon Ford, or Ruckelshaus, please thank them for supporting improvements to the bill and for having the courage to buck their caucus on this vote.

SB105 is now eligible for 3rd reading in the Senate.  That means the bill will be voted up or down by the entire Senate membership.  Although this legislation passed by a wide margin last year its opponents have been busy this time around and every vote will count.  Please share this information with your email networks, neighbors, co-workers – anybody and everybody.  Ask them to call their Senator at 1-800-382-9467 or 317-232-9400.  The message is simple:  Vote YES on SB105!

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