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The League of Women Voters of Porter County was formed out of the suffragist movement in 1920. We are a nonpartisan, nationwide political organization, which means we support nor oppose any political party or candidate. Our purpose in assembling this guide is to assist the voter in making an educated decision when going to the polls for the primary on May 8th, 2018 and the general election on November 6,2018.

Our efforts in compiling the information in this guide were made in good faith. We made numerous attempts to contact all the federal, state, and local candidates on the Porter County ballot through information found at the Porter County Election Board, and various internet searches such as, Facebook, and Google. In the absence of email addresses, phone calls were attempted. Each candidate was provided the same questionnaire with a 50-word limit. Each candidate was solely responsible for the content of their reply.

In the elections this year, you will be asked to vote for candidates at the Federal, State, County, and Township levels:

At the Federal level (the individuals who represent you in Washington), you will be asked to vote for:

  • Senator: It does not matter were you live. Each state only has 2.
  • Representative: It does matter where you live.

You may find your current legislator online at Or, using a search engine like Google or Bing, type: "find your legislator." You will be asked to type in your address. Your federal and state senators and representatives will be listed.

At the State level (The people who represent us in Indianapolis), you will be asked to vote for:

  • Senator: This is dependent on where you live, and includes Portage, Chesterton, and parts of Valparaiso for 2018.
  • Representatives: All the Representatives in Porter County are up for elections. Your vote is based on where you live. To find your State district, you can look at the district maps at, or use the "find your legislator" method using your address, and note the district where you live.

At the Local level (people who represent us in Porter County), you will be asked to vote for county and township candidates.

To find your voting precinct, check; select "find your polling place." Enter your information and continue until you see your precinct. This is also a great site to update and verify your voting information.

There are 5 early voting sites within Porter County:

  • Porter County Admin Building: 155 Indiana Ave, Valparaiso
  • North County Government Complex: 3560 Willowcreek, Portage
  • Chesterton Town Hall: 72 Broadway, Chesterton
  • Union Township Fire Station 2: 267 North 600 West, Valparaiso
  • Hebron Community Center: 611 N. Main St, Hebron

We encourage you to read this guide as a way to learn about the candidates in order to make an informed decision. Now that you have some information, we hope the voting process will be easier. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The League of Women Voters of Porter County welcomes all new members. Thank you for taking the time to be informed. Your Vote DOES Matter.

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Candidate Responses to Questionnaires: